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Sussex DE Selects Conxx

November 10, 2015 | By | No Comments

Lewes Delaware, a seaside gem that guards the Delaware Bay’s transition to the Atlantic Ocean, enjoys solid telecommunications services. But as one drives inland you leave that and the beaches in your rear view. Services for government, business and residents are lacking and the county government has engaged Conxx for a solution.Lewes



In a multi-phased approach Conxx is engineering a multi-user telecom strategy that improves government communication and paves the way for service to private users as well. This also supports the Environmental Services Division which needs advanced data connectivity to manage pumping operations in this sea-level region.

While the initial target is government services, the goal is eventually providing residential and business users with an alternative choice for high speed broadband.

This region-wide upgrade better connects county wastewater treatment plants, operation centers and pumping stations. Pumping control is critical in any sea level community.

Public WiFi access, business and residential broadband, VOIP and security video backhaul can also converge onto the network. The state’s recent investment in long haul fiber optic cable will be leveraged to provide options for broadband service and private data connectivity.

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