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About Us

Conxx is the leading wireless technology company devoted to the design and implementation of flexible, cost-effective communications network solutions for your community.

Conxx technology was born in 1993 to power the upstart Allegany County Maryland Network – this was two years before the internet began commercial operation.

In 2004 Conxx became a technology transfer company to evangelize the architecture and technology developed over the prior 12 years. Today the patented Conxx carrier- grade network is a fusion of wireless, fiber, licensed and unlicensed technology recognized as a ‘best practice’ for a multi-service community network. Conxx deployments span thousands of square miles and use best-of-breed hardware to ensure network performance day after day and year after year.

Why choose Conxx?

Conxx is your reliable partner – At Conxx we take the responsibility to understand your needs and help you develop with a solution that is technologically superior, financially responsible, politically acceptable and – most importantly – is a solution that works.

Conxx has the experience to provide true carrier grade solutions – There are many unique elements that go into creating a multipurpose data network. Conxx offers decades of collective experience designing, installing, managing, monitoring, upgrading, and expanding multipurpose networks. We work with many communities to build the business case and political consensus needed to support innovative network projects and to assemble the funding plan required to make the project fiscally feasible. In short, we have the experience to help with virtually every aspect of your project. To meet the Conxx management team, click here.

Conxx technology helps builds communities - Ultimately our promise to you is that we will help you build a network that will better connect your community.

About Our Technology

Conxx owns a portfolio of cost-effective community solutions from encrypted private data connections and Automated Meter Reading systems to fully deployed video surveillance systems and county-wide public safety networks. We are dedicated to helping communities fully anticipate future technology needs and implement a robust network core to accommodate future users – who in turn can help support the system.

This leads to efficiency, capability and competitiveness that enables our communities to grow economically.

To learn more about how Conxx technology can help you, please visit our Solutions page.