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Allegany County, New York

Allegany County is using a Conxx network to converge public safety and community broadband on a single network in rural Western NY. With a multi-user approach, county leadership will solve a long standing problem for safety, education and economic development and address the needs for the un-served and under-served population.  The County partnered with Conxx to design an advanced capability wireless communication network that will interface with the stimulus-funded ION Fiber Network and extend virtually unlimited connectivity across the county. In addition to the network planning, Conxx collaborated with the County to procure funding from the Connect NY Broadband Program, and assisted the County 911 team with preliminary planning for Public Safety funding that expands the broadband network to also support first-responder and dispatch communications traffic across an expanded footprint. Funding from the NY State Smart Schools Program will also be dovetailed into the project to give students the access to the internet that is required for learning, testing and college and job applications.