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Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Cambria County, Pennsylvania had an aging public safety system that required replacement. As a county with a relatively distributed rural population and rough terrain, it was important to find a solution that offered the necessary coverage while still maintaining reliability.

Conxx helped Cambria County to identify sources of funding via grants, cost-savings, and additional monetization opportunities. In addition, Conxx was also able to offer engineering services to reduce the overall cost of the network to Cambria County.

Working with Conxx, Cambria County was able to deploy a multi-service network that was able to provide secure voice, video, and high-speed data communications to public safety agencies over 95% of the 700-square-mile county. In addition, the network had extra capacity to accommodate business, residential, educational, and other governmental use. In 2012, new County Commissioners audited the Cambria County network. The audit showed that the broadband portion of the network has already paid for itself though savings and cash revenue in just 3 years.

Brian Feist was the 2009 Association of Public-Safety Communication Officials International Horizon Award winner in recognition of his leadership on the Conxx solution.

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