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Cumberland, Maryland

The City of Cumberland, Maryland already had a robust network in place (the prototype of Conxx’s existing technology framework, AllCoNet). But they were looking to generate more cost savings while providing more services to their residents. To accomplish this, the city signed a performance-based contract with Johnson Controls, Inc. to make energy-saving improvements and implement a city-wide Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system.

Conxx was brought in to design and build the data collection and communication network that would interface with Johnson Controls’ systems. In addition, it was determined that the cost savings from the AMR project would also allow for city-wide WiFi to be implemented by Conxx.

The project’s success has resulted in increased revenue and energy cost savings, additional funding for infrastructure upgrades, and multiple speaking engagements for the city engineers at many water authority conferences and seminars. In addition, the Cumberland WiFi project is the largest successful implementation of snap frame (802.2) wireless in the United States and has resulted in significant broadband cost savings for residents and businesses in Cumberland.