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Lackawanna County PA

Lackawanna County, in Northeast Pennsylvania with a population of 215,000, was looking to implement a county wide broadband solution that would serve public safety, government operations, education and economic development. . Conxx discovered during a telecom audit that the county government could completely pay for a carrier grade multi user network from the cost savings gained by using Conxx Smart Technology.

Today Lackawanna County manages a high performance wireless network that supports the complete 911 Dispatch System, Center for Public Safety, the courts, the prison, EMS first responders, and other essential government operations that require secure, high-capacity network technology. Ten public libraries and multiple public parks have gained enhanced broadband service. In addition, the network has the system capacity to help bolster medical, educational, and economic development operations within the county.

The investment was funded via cost savings from deploying the new network, and with new revenue from fee paying customers the county is now generating a budget surplus.

You can download a detailed overview of the project here.

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