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Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, AZ sought a partner to help them complete an ambitious strategic video deployment project in an unprecedentedly small amount of time.

Strategic video deployments are inherently difficult to implement quickly due to the immense architecture requirements and the massive data communication & storage needs.

Taking on the challenge, Conxx partnered with the city to deploy a new software management system that enabled users to access to streaming video content from any device and web browser, including mobile phones and mobile data terminals (MDTs). By enabling users to use their own devices, Conxx effectively eliminated the need for specific local client software to view the streamed content.

Conxx also installed a WiMax (802.16) portable data network to support streaming video coverage of major sporting events in Phoenix.

With funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the city, the implementation was completed in a record two days during the midst of the December 2011 holidays, proving Conxx commitment to its partners and the communities they serve.