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Port of Pittsburgh PA

The Conxx Wireless Waterways project was featured at a White House event where the Obama administration honored the Port of Pittsburgh Commission as one of the 12 Transportation Champions of Change.

Pittsburgh is the second busiest inland port and the 20th busiest port of any kind in the United States. With more than 32 million tons of cargo moving through the port each year, the Port of Pittsburgh Commission (PPC) recognized that they needed a stronger network infrastructure to modernize and streamline the port’s operations.

In addition, after 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security has placed a strong emphasis on interoperability and data-sharing between agencies to enhance security.

After partnering with Carnegie Mellon University to develop a computerized virtual locking system, PPC reached out to Conxx to help design the remainder of the network. The network, called Wireless Waterways, now enables the integration of cameras, sensors, and security management systems. In addition, the network also allows for the exchange of rich data between vessels and government agencies. The network also provides WiFi all along the waterway, which provides valuable connectivity to recreational users, commercial operators, and other businesses along the river.

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