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  • GridObserver® development happened in the the most difficult terrains and environments for network operations. GridObserver®’s honed abilities allows it to support and monitor a variety of network types due to its rigorous beginnings and unique take on atomic network modeling.

  • Each level of network management requires different data sets to execute their assigned functions. GridObserver® provides tailored dashboards to inform their appropriate parties with the most pertinent and up to date information, thus improving network and business operations at all levels.

  • Each network is unique, thus requiring a unique set of Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s). GridObserver® provides an array of these indicators through reports, graphs, and charts that are tailored specifically to each network. This customized approach of reports yields results that provide relevant, specific information for each network.

  • There’s no improvement without a fundamental understanding of the network and its complexities. GridObserver® offers a variety of tailorable reports that can be used to address the specific needs of each network. With the information found in these reports, problems can be solved and improvements made, allowing efficient network and business operations and planning.

  • GridObserver® geomaps the discrete elements of a network and superimposes their locations on a satellite generated map. These physical locations are overlaid with area data and other pertinent information regarding the operation of the network that can utilized to maximize network and maintenance efficiency.

  • Network lag and system crashes no longer have to be the norm. GridObserver® alerts the correct personnel, of any network faults, but GridObserver® will also help predict future problems before they even surface. With this information, network operation can take a more proactive approach to network management.

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  • Receiving timely and up to date information regarding operations is a vital part of network downtime. GridObserver® offers support by identifying any errors or anomalies that might occur in the system and after potential issues are identified they are noted for future encounters, thus providing operations further insight into the network.

  • Network downtime can be costly at all levels of operation and business. It becomes all the more costly when it is not known where the problem lies. GridObserver®’s Sub Atomic Modeling is able to pinpoint, not only what device in the system is faulty, but where the problem lies within the device itself. This accuracy saves time and money in remedying the exact issues.

Actionable Intelligence Engine (Operations)

  • The best time to know when something is going wrong is before it happens. GridObserver® offers real time monitoring, and error prediction so problems can be resolved as soon before they cause network downtime.

  • GridObserver® gathers and analyzes network information utilizing subatomic network modeling. This information is cataloged and utilized to help predict future network events and issues.

  • GridObserver®’s subatomic modeling not only provides real-time analysis of networks using KPIs, it utilizes its deep and complex understanding of the physical and virtual relationships on a given network to anticipate issues that may arise in the future.This predictive technology is not only beneficial in detecting errors, but in planning future investment and operation of the network.

  • Failures and anomalies will happen in every network.GridObserver® analyzes these failures and anomalies and how often they occur. With this information a course of action can be taken to prevent these negative events from happening in the future.

  • Due to the complexity of different aspects of a network, it is important to know specifics for when a network goes down. GridObserver® offers a Root Cause analysis to provide insight into exactly where and why a device, either physical or virtual, went down. This allows for problems to be corrected quickly.

  • Operation managers don’t need to have all the information that an engineer or executive might need, or may need more information in a specific area. GridObserver® includes an operations dashboard specifically tailored to their needs, maximizing their effectiveness.


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  • Every time a credential is used to login to the interface, GridObserver® is able to track the geographic location of that login. This mapping mechanism is ideal for analyzing where potential security threats might occur.

  • GridObserver® is able to track and detect anomalies within configurations throughout the smart grid. This detection allows operations to take immediate action to remedy configuration anomalies and prevent security breaches.

  • GridObserver® offers a security system that will alert and notify upon immediate detection with the details necessary to neutralize the threat efficiently.

Key Performance Indicators (Executive)

  • Maintaining a network at peak efficiency allows for improved business operations and planning. Better data begats better decisions and business performance.

  • With customizable KPIs, GridObserver® can help set business objectives based upon precise performance tracking.

  • GridObserver® provides customizable KPIs, performance tracking and other key metrics, all of which contribute to data driven decisions. GridObserver®’s data will promote smart, strategic decisions on all levels.

  • GridObserver® is able to integrate with information that can affect operations, maintenance and executive business decisions. By providing a variety of data sets from within and without the network, management can make well informed business decisions

  • GridObserver® provides tailorable quarterly performance reports, allowing management to precisely see the overview of the network. These reports assist in informed business decisions.

  • GridObserver® is able to map out the virtual and physical devices that make up the network. Due to the geo mapping of assets, GridObserver® is able to graphically display the network’s performance based upon these locations.

  • GridObserver® KPIs can be designed to measure a variety of scenarios. For instance, KPIs have been produced that that mirror SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index), which calculate the duration and frequency of power outages in a given geographical area.

    These analogous KPIs, NSAIDI (Network System Average Interruption Duration Index) and NSAIFI (Network System Average Interruption Frequency Index) assist in appropriately evaluating Smart Grid operations

  • GGridObserver® provides a single pane of glass for executive management to view and evaluate network performance. This pane of glass, like all of GridObserver®’s KPIs, is tailorable based upon the business and network needs.

Network Analysis and Visualization (Engineering)

  • Data travels through physical and virtual devices constantly. GridObserver® offers interfaces that contain statistics for what is travelling through these devices. This information can be used for realtime analysis, or can be stored to look back on in the future.

  • Data travels through physical and virtual devices constantly. GridObserver® offers interfaces that contain statistics for how much information is travelling through these devices. This information can be used for realtime analysis, or can be stored to look back on in the future.

  • The ability to understand if a geographic location is having an effect on a network can be a challenge. GridObserver® will map out geographically where each piece of the network is, whether it’s physical or virtual. Because of this GO is also able to establish what areas of the network are working best, and which need improvement.

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  • Engineers don’t need to have all the information that an executive might need, or may need more information in a specific area. GridObserver® includes an engineer dashboard specifically tailored to their position.

GridObserver® Appliance

  • Need access to GridObserver®’s interface outside of the NOC? Any browser can support the interface with the correct login credentials. Because of this convenience, GridObserver®’s interface can be securely accessed by any device that has an internet connection.

  • With all the custom alerts and notifications that GridObserver® offers for any security breach, there is no need for an agent to be watching the network all day every day. If GridObserver® detects a security threat, it will respond with these custom alerts so the agents responsible for the individual notifications can act to prevent or fix the error.

  • GridObserver® offers different view on the interface that is customized to the role that the user plays and the responsibility they hold. These views make it easier for each role type to concentrate on their specific responsibilities.

  • The ability to customize the monitoring standards of the network, makes GridObserver® compatible with a broad range of vendors.

  • GridObserver® not only pushes out tailored reports, but can have date pulled on demand at anytime through its user friendly interface.

  • GridObserver® offers a mobile app that is offered through iOS and Android. This accessibility makes checking on the status of a network easy and convenient for network operations, engineering and management who are on the go.

  • The ability to login to GridObserver® from any browser is very convenient, but convenience can often pose a large security threat. GridObserver® is able to insure security from a wide variety of devices by managing the login credentials for the users of the program and detecting login locations.

  • GridObserver® meets and exceeds industry standards and best practices, thus insuring secure and efficient smart grid operations.

  • GridObserver® offers tailored KPIs for the network it oversees. With custom Key Performance Indicators, GridObserver® can present data to all levels of business, engineering and operations that will improve performance across the network and organization.

  • GridObserver® allows intricate looks at specific devices and subscribers in order to identify issues and promote timely remedies.

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  • GridObserver® can be deployed in multiple ways, A dedicated copy of GridObserver® can be physically installed within a location. Additionally, GridObserver® can be deployed using a dedicated private cloud, thus providing access to a variety of users from a variety of locations and devices. GridObserver® can also be deployed on premise and via a private cloud, providing the best features of both installations.

  • With all of the different roles and responsibilities involved in keeping a network up and running there will never be just one user on GridObserver®’s interface. GridObserver® is designed to have many different users and operators working with and on the network at a time, each seeing the aspects of the network using GridObserver®’s highly tailorable interface