• Single view Manager of Managers
  • Built for multi-vendor Wired/Fiber, Wireless, Microwave, and Carrier networks
  • Executive, Operations, Engineering Dashboards
  • Executive, Operations, Engineering KPIs
  • Executive, Operations, Engineering Reports
  • Geographic Performance Modeling (mapping)
  • Increases Network uptime and availabi1ity
  • Engineering support through metrics visualization
  • Operations support through error and anomaly identification
  • Geographic Performance Modeling (mapping)
  • Atomic Network Modeling for fault management

Key Performance Indicators (Executive)

  • High level network performance tracking
  • Business objective target tracking
  • Empowers data driven decision making
  • External Business information integration
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Performance evaluations by geographic areas
  • Executive Dashboards

Actionable Intelligence Engine (Operations)

  • Realtime network health and performance monitoring
  • Historical performance, usage, and anomaly information
  • LIT® Leading Indicator Technology decreases downtime
  • Failure and Anomaly frequency analysis
  • Root Cause analysis
  • Operations Dashboards

Network Analysis and Visualization (Engineering)

  • Traffic utilization statistics (realtime and historical) for Physical or Virtual Interfaces
  • Bandwidth Utilization (realtime or historical) traversing all paths
  • Geographic Performance Modeling (mapping)
  • Monitor service and application performance with per device availability/latency/jitter graphing and per interface/service traffic graphing (real-time and historical)
  • Per Interface(Physical or Virtual) Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Per Interface(Physical or Virtual) anomaly graphing
  • Validate performance and SLAs for end-to-end services and applications as well as individual service segments
  • Engineering level Dashboards

Security (Security)

  • Layer 3 intrusion detection in global or virtual routing tables
  • Layer 2 intrusion detection in global or virtual forwarding tables
  • Geographic session mapping
  • Detection of security configuration anomalies
  • Alerting/Notification of Security events

GO Appliance

  • Browser based interface
  • Agentless monitoring
  • Customizable views catered to user group roles and responsibilities
  • Standards based monitoring approach for broad vendor compatibility
  • Pull and push based data acquisition
  • Mobile and Mobile App Availability
  • SNMP credential management
  • Application/Server hardened by following server/network configuration best practices, application design and data validation best practices and a security in depth approach
  • Customizes views on KPIs and alarms to better understand the state of the network
  • Troubleshoots issues with drill-down views into individual subscribers and end devices
  • Fully clusterable (front-end, back-end and collectors)
  • On premise, dedicated private cloud, or both
  • Designed for many operators

Quick Look:


  • Single view Manager of Managers
  • Built for multi-vendor Wired/Fiber, Wireless, Microwave, and Carrier networks
  • Turnkey parameters to filter and display collected data.
  • Executive, Operations, and Engineering level Dashboards, KPIs, and Reporting
  • Geographic Performance Modeling (mapping)