Screenshot of GridObserver NMS.

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GridObserver® not only performs root cause analysis when looking at failures, but considering our unique subatomic networking model, we look at the physical and virtual relationships between pieces of equipment to understand business impact of the identified failure. By focusing on relationships and interrelationships, GridObserver® enables deeper root cause analysis of system failures.

System wide fault and failure analysis is not only possible but routine using GridObserver®. GridObserver®’s focus on the subatomic network model enables a view of the relational impact end to end from one piece of equipment or service to another regardless of where it resides on the network. This view ensures that there is an understanding of what business services are affected by a given failure.

Quick Look:

Root Cause Analysis

  • Traditional root cause analysis examines what failed, GridObserver®’s Root Cause Analysis examines failure plus examines the associated physical and virtual relationships.
  • Provides an introspective view of systems through analysis of network relationships as they contribute to equipment and system failure.