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Security is a key concern for any network. An essential component of any great security system is the rapid detection and mitigation of security intrusions. GridObserver® utilizes its QRS (Quick Reaction Security) to rapidly and efficiently secure networks and systems. GridObserver®’s QRS, like all of GridObserver®’s diverse suite of tools, derives its effectiveness through its ability to map and monitor a network at the subatomic level.

Screenshot of GridObserver NMS.

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By monitoring physical and virtual relationships between equipment, GridObserver® utilizes QRS to detect unauthorized or foreign relationships, allowing for efficient neutralization of the security threat. GridObserver®’s unique intrusion detection and intrusion analysis system detects, then analyzes each of these security threats to determine how the breach happened. These threats come from two primary sources: users or equipment. For example, if an unauthorized router enters a router table, GridObserver®’s QRS locates the router and triggers an intrusion event. Likewise,unauthorized users or unauthorized access attempts trigger an intrusion alert. GridObserver® determines the source of the intrusion alert through its geo-spatial view of the network.

System failures are analyzed to determine if failure arose from an unauthorized access or access attempt.

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  • GridObserver® employs ever vigilant intrusion detection. Due to its subatomic modeling of any given network, GridObserver® will detect any foreign change in physical and virtual relationships of equipment and connections
  • GridObserver® deploys safeguards against unauthorized user access and user attempts.
  • GridObserver® correlates all aspects of security such as foreign intrusion, authorized and unauthorized access to help pinpoint and neutralize security threats