Typical network monitoring systems see components much like a series of atoms, with only the atomic shell detectable in complex arrangements. That view is limited to the edge of a discrete piece of equipment much like a view of the outside of the atomic shell of the atom. They show general information, but not how that information was generated. Their atomic view sees only the atom, but neither the particles composing the atom (virtual circuits in a network) or the particles of which the atom itself is a component piece.

Subatomic Modeling with GridObserver®

Screenshot of GridObserver NMS.

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The secrets of the atom are found by looking at the smaller particles. We apply that principle to devices within a network. GridObserver®’s Subatomic Network Model dives past shell limitations to gather data at the molecular stage and reveal the why, not just the what. GridObserver® pierces the atomic shell to gather data at a particular level – data otherwise invisible.

Unique to the industry, GridObserver® further detects and maps the unseen virtual connections. All physical and virtual devices are monitored at all network levels. This in-depth supervision of the network illuminates the relationships between devices to ensure accurate detection and interpretation of data.

Regardless of the complex nature of the network, GridObserver® will deliver precise results.

Quick Look:

GridObserver® Subatomic Modeling

  • Maps network relationships that go beyond the edge of discreet equipment.
  • Maps virtual relationships and connections taking into account a variety of factors that cannot be mapped in edge to edge atomic modeling.
  • In depth health checks of systems, relationships, connections and discreet pieces of equipment.