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  • Award  Winning    Carrier  Grade    Microwave  Networks

    Award Winning Carrier Grade Microwave Networks


CONXX is the nationally acclaimed wireless network provider that helps communities use new technology to become better connected and more efficient. We partner with local leadership to develop comprehensive network solutions that serve government, education, public safety, business and residential users on a secure multi-user platform.

With CONXX you’ll find the experience, tools, and technology you need to deploy a cost-effective, carrier-grade backbone architecture with best-of-breed wireless last-mile technology.

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Our Services

With decades of experience, we recognize that customizing the optimum technical solution is just part of our responsibility.  We help build stakeholder consensus, and develop funding options for a critical infrastructure project.

CONXX shares technical expertise, an understanding of community development and a business approach that supports your opportunity to move ahead using mature and         cost-effective architecture for data, voice and video management.

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Our Projects

Allegany County, New York

Allegany County government is deploying a Conxx wireless network that will converge public safety and community broadband services for this traditional rural community in Western NY. With a multi-user approach, county leadership will solve a long standing problem for safety, education and economic development and address the needs for the un-served and underserved residents.   Read More

Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania

Lackawanna County, in Northeast Pennsylvania with a population of 215,000, was looking to implement a county wide broadband solution that would serve public safety, government operations, education and economic development. . Read More

Port of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Conxx Wireless Waterways project was featured at a White House event where the Obama administration honored the Port of Pittsburgh Commission as one of the 12 Transportation Champions of Change. Pittsburgh is the second busiest inland port and the 20th busiest port of any kind in the United States. With more than 32 million tons of cargo moving through the port each year, the Port of Pittsburgh Commission (PPC) recognized that they needed a stronger network infrastructure to modernize and streamline the port’s operations. Read More

Allegany County, Maryland

In 1996, after receiving grants from Maryland and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to provide Internet access for various public institutions, Allegany County, Maryland created an innovative and unique network solution that was arguably the first wireless carrier-grade broadband network in the country. The network was called AllCoNet. Read More

Department of Homeland Security and FEMA Select CONXX Architecture as “Smart Practice”

Recent News

DE Media Forecasts a Role for Conxx

August 3, 2016 | Bill Risse Some Sussex businesses still waiting for ‘digital divide’ to close 
Smith’s Used Cars in Georgetown is not far from U.S. 9, the east/west road that runs close to their business, but it’s still without broadband technology. // Photo by Brian Harvath
by Kim Hoey, Special to Delaware Business Times Every time Darlene Smith, owner of Smith’s Used Cars in Georgetown, wants to run a credit check on a customer, she has to plug her computer into her cell phone and use her data plan. Going over her data allowance by “just a little bit” means high overage costs. “We’re not that far off from [U.S.] 9,” said Smith, of the large east/west road that runs about a mile north of her business.  She tried satellite connectivity, but that just never worked out. Now to cut costs, Smith sends customers to the bank for financing as much as possible. Read More

1st City in 1st State Selects Conxx

November 10, 2015 | Bill Risse The city of Lewes Delaware, an historic seaside gem that guards the Delaware Bay's transition to the Atlantic Ocean, selected Conxx, Inc. to develop of multi-purpose community network.20150716_Lewes The project will be managed by the Lewes Board of Public Utilities which serves the area's water, sewer and electric customers - with the goal of eventually providing the community with an alternative choice for high speed broadband. The initial phase for the new network will be to enable automatic meter reading capability that will improve efficiency and reduce costs for the utility. Public WiFi access, security video backhaul and waster and sewer SCADA data will converge onto the network. The state's recent investment in long haul fiber optic cable to the Lewes outskirts will be leveraged to provide broadband service and private data connectivity across the business and residential community.

Center for Digital Government Award to Conxx Network

September 15, 2015 | Bill Risse  

Lackawanna County wins a National DCAA Award for Wireless Initiative

Lackawanna County has earned top honors for building a Conxx powered county-wide municipal network that’s focused on helping the community.GH9A8869-X3 The Digital Government Achievement Awards (DGAA) recognize outstanding agency and department projects at the application and infrastructure level. United States and international government agencies enter applications and projects for extensive multi- panel review and grading. Lackawanna County adopted a business model that is community and economic development driven with a focus on utilizing the network to serve its taxpayers. Read More